Metal Free Zirconium Implants

Are Metal Free Zirconium Implants Right for You?

Metal free zirconium implants provide a viable solution for those who need tooth replacement. This is a restorative procedure that gives you a permanent implant upon which a tooth is mounted. The mounting is very secure. The metal free zirconium implants are options for those who are considering this procedure.

The Benefits

Zirconium provides quite a few benefits that you may want to consider if you’re getting implants. The zirconium has more biocompatibility than other materials, which means that it bonds well with your bone. The zirconium also has an advantage cosmetically. In some cases, titanium, which is commonly used for these implants, will leave a line around the gum. Zirconium doesn’t do this, which may make some people more confident about the implants.

There are also hygiene reasons that you may want to consider these implants. They tend to keep tartar and plaque at bay, which is excellent for the health of your gums and nearby teeth. You do have to maintain good dental hygiene after having implants, and this makes that a lot easier to do.

Sensitivity Issues

Even though it is exceedingly rare, some people do have a sensitivity issue with titanium. This may make such implants non-options for them. In these cases, zirconium can provide a solution that should serve to give them all the advantages of implants. Those advantages are many. Even for those who can tolerate titanium implants, zirconium might be a good option in cases where the patient is particularly worried about holistic issues.

When to Consider Implants

Metal free zirconium implants are excellent options for those who are missing one or more teeth and who want to avoid the problems that come with traditional bridges and crowns. These implants are mounted in a way that makes them very durable. The surgical procedure used to install them takes time to heal, as much as 6 months in some cases. During that time, your jaw bonds with the zirconium implants, providing a very stable base for the replacement teeth.

These implants have been described as biological and holistic due to their compatibility with bone tissue. Your dentist can let you know if they’re a good option for you. If the only thing that’s been preventing you from getting dental implants was sensitivity to titanium, these implants may be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for, and they offer great results.

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