Mini Dental Implants: An Alternative To Costly Implant Procedures

There are a variety of options available to replace one or more missing teeth.  These range from cheap conventional dentures which have significant issues in terms of quality of life to full dental implants which mimic the quality of natural teeth, but are quite expensive.  Mini dental implants are a new attractive option that provide a cheap way to secure false teeth in place.

Mini dental implants are very small screws that are placed in one’s mouth in order to secure a denture in place.  A large screw is drilled into the denture to provide a point of attachment.  A much smaller screw is placed into the gum line, and then the two are attached using a rubber O-ring.  The result is a denture that is firmly fixed in place without an adhesive, giving it the sort of stability one would expect with a dental implant.

One advantage of this procedure over dental implants is that it is very easy to perform.  Unlike the placement of traditional dental implants which is a full surgery that often requires more than one visit, a mini dental implant can be placed under local anesthetic in the convenience of a local dentist office.  The whole implant process can last less than two hours from start to finish.  Since the placement is a lot easier and does not require a surgery, the cost of mini dental implants is a lot less than the cost of full dental implants.

Mini dental implants are providing a viable solution for people looking for the stability of a traditional implant without the high price tag.  Now people no longer have to learn to bear with the negative consequences of wearing dentures because they just cannot afford full dental implants.  Mini dental implants provide the affordable option that they have been looking for.

For more information about mini dental implants and to see if you’re a good candidate for them give Island Dental Associates a call at (516) 565-6565 for a free consultation.

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