Mini Dental Implants Vs Standard Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants Vs Standard Dental ImplantsMost patients who come to our clinic ask about the difference between mini dental implants and standard dental implants. This is a very common question and seems to be on the top of the head of most of our clients. So, in this article we will describe how both of them are different and which one should you choose.

Traditional implants and mini implants function differently and the length of wear also varies.

Essentially, dental implants work to hold removable dentures in place; they are also used to replace missing teeth.

Dentists love using titanium while constructing dental implants. Why? Because it is bio-compatible and does not trigger an immune response.


So, what are standard and mini dental implants?

Standard dental implants are built up of 2 pieces and their diameter is more than 3mm.They have an external screw (to be inserted in the bone) and an internal thread (to torque down teeth).

Mini dental implants are a one-piece screw and there diameter is less than 3mm. They have a ball-shaped end that can be seen sticking out of the jaw bone. Mini dental implants are great for denture support.

Now, let’s compare the both:

  • Standard implants don’t put too much pressure on the jaw bone (because of better weight distribution) – so, they are a much more viable long term solution.
  • If you have degenerated bones, mini implants are the only available and viable option.
  • If you chew a lot, go for standard implants as they have a big surface area.
  • Two mini implants are equal to one standard implant (in terms of support provided) – so, that is the reason mini implants cost 50 percent less.

Which implant is better for you? That if for the dentist to decide – we need to first look at your health and whether a short term or a long term fix is required. Get in touch with us now for a diagnosis!

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