Mini Implants For Upper Dentures Can Eliminate Common Problems Associated With Traditional Dentures

Mini Implants For Upper Dentures Can Eliminate Common Problems Associated With Traditional DenturesTraditional dentures are aesthetically pleasing, and they may even be comfortable for a period of time. However, as you age and your bone structure start to change, they may become bothersome and uncomfortable. This can lead to your upper dentures needing to be realigned on multiple occasions. If left unchecked, painful sores may develop that make it hard to do the simplest of tasks like eating.

Choose Mini Implants For Upper Dentures For These Reasons

Comfort and convenience are two of the main reasons that people often choose to go this route. Traditional upper dentures have been referenced to feeling like many things over the years including feeling like you have a mouth full of rocks or another uncomfortable substance. This is usually due to them fitting incorrectly and adhesives having to be used to hold them in place. The mini implants for uppers eliminate the need for these types of glues and keep your upper denture firmly in place.

Appearance is another reason people often choose this style of implant. Many individuals feel as if they give their teeth a more natural appearance. This can affect your smile, personality, and self-esteem. You will be more inclined to show off your pearly whites and not have to worry about them slipping out of place and causing an embarrassing situation.

This reason is simply because mini implants for uppers may be your best alternative due to them not needing as much bone structure to attach to. This can be especially important for individuals that have been wearing dentures for an extended period of time. The longer that your teeth, and their roots, have been removed from your gums, the more likely your bone structure has deteriorated more rapidly than others with healthy mouths. This may be able to be corrected through more extensive treatments like bone graphs.

Contact Your Dental Professional To See If You Are A Candidate

Just like with any surgery, you will have to go through a screening process to see if you, and the implants, are compatible. If it turns out that you can not receive this type of implant, there may be other options available to you. Before giving up hope, ask your dentist about other options that may be better suited to your needs.

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