New Year, New Dental Implant

New Year, New Dental ImplantIt’s a new year and with it comes the opportunity to make changes and improvements to our lives.  Some people plan to lose weight, or get into better shape.  Maybe some of you are training for the big NYC marathon, hoping for a decent finish this year.  Maybe you plan to take some extra time to meditate each day to help bring peace to your mind.

What about taking care of the little things that you have lived with for a long time? What about taking care of that tooth that has been giving you trouble?  If you have a tooth that needs to be pulled, but you are afraid of how it will look to be toothless while you wait for a replacement, consider making this the year that you get your smile back.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is the best way to replace the tooth that you have lost, or that has just been extracted. There is no better option when it comes to getting a new tooth that looks as if it has always been a part of your mouth.  The implant will go right into the jawbone under the empty socket.  When it comes to security, a dental implant will allow you to chew a thick steak, or a crusty NYC bagel with ease.

At Island and Shine Dental, we offer a free consultation to check out the tooth that is giving you the trouble.  If it needs to be extracted, we can plan for the extraction and have an implant placed on the same day so that you won’t be stuck with a gap. That’s right; at Shine and Island Dental, we offer same-day implants!

Same-day implants are not offered by every dentist, but our experienced staff and on-site lab give us the ability to offer it to you.  Give us a call today so that we can begin the process of getting your tooth trouble taken care of this year so you can check one more thing off of your list.

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