No More FearMany people have an unnatural fear of dentists, and this can often become heightened if there are major procedures or oral diseases that need to be addressed. However, with modern dental practices, these fears are largely unfounded, and some of the solutions that may cause the greatest trepidation can also lead to the greatest long term benefits.

At Island Dental Associates, one of the positives that we offer our clients is the option of sedation dentistry. This will employ pharmaceuticals both before and during a procedure in order to decrease anxiety and increase the overall sense of comfort. The result is that there is less pain in recovery and that there is generally a decreased amount of heal time.

The Bigger Picture

Of course, larger procedures and surgeries can still stir up concerns, but safe practices and state of the art techniques can also lead to greater positive outcomes over time. One procedure that many clients ask about is the insertion of dental implants.

This is performed as a basic oral surgery, so the patient is unconscious during the actual insertion. Even in cases where an existing root needs to be drilled before the rod is placed, the trauma to the gums and jawbone are actually quite minimal, and most function can be resumed within a few days. This means that there is less immediate and overall discomfort, which helps to put clients at ease.

Another concern that we are often asked about is metal allergies and sensitivities. Since the rod is placed through the mucus membrane of the gums, sensitivities may be heightened. However, titanium posts are the standard for implants and this metal has minimal reactivity in the body and high durability. This means that there is less likelihood of any immediate reaction, and little concern about shearing or wear over time.

For patients who are interested in finding out if dental implants can meet their needs, we encourage them to schedule an appointment. We are happy to educate and advise, so that fears may be laid to rest, and the best long term solution for oral health may be chosen.

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