Payment Plans Can Make Dental Implants Affordable

Payment Plans Can Make Dental Implants AffordableThe decision to get a dental implant is a great one when it comes to good oral health, but the price of a dental implant is not always affordable to our Franklin Square Long Island area patients. At Island Dental Associates, we have payment plans that allow you to get the implants you need at a price you can actually afford, and these plans are flexible to meet your needs.

Many dental procedures are expensive, and this is one of the main contributing factors when it comes to why people choose to put them off until it’s too late. Many dental offices will require up-front payments, and these payment amounts can really turn people away who otherwise know that they are in need of a procedure. We don’t believe that any patient should have to choose between a procedure they need and being able to balance their budget, so our payment plans for implants and other procedures are crafted to eliminate this tough decision.

Our financing plans for dental implants are interest free for up to 2 years, and this gives our patients a way to pay for their implants affordably and without having to worry about the price of their procedure indirectly going up. Interest rates can create a large price hike when the general amount being paid is considered, and this can cause dental procedures to remain unaffordable even with a convenient payment plan. For the first 2 years of your paying for your implant, or implants, through a payment plan, interest is never something that you need to worry about.

If a payment plan is undesired, our offices also take credit cards. All major credit cards are accepted to help you to pay for your procedure, and if it is an expense that may not be affordable at a current time, but the cost does not require a payment plan to become affordable, this is a great option. By paying by credit card, you can pay for your entire dental implant procedure right away, and no special payment arrangements will need to be made.

The price of a dental implant should never deter a person from receiving one should it be deemed necessary, and dental implants provide a great option to help to save a smile and replace a missing tooth. At Island Dental Associates, we have many different options to make your dental implant procedure affordable, and you can call us today to learn more!

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