Pre-Implant Procedures

Pre-Implant ProceduresSo you finally made the decision to have dental implants done.  With so many reasons for tooth loss, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to implants to get back the feeling of a natural tooth. Sometimes, there may be additional issues in your jawbone, or sinus that require some pre-implant procedures. At Shine and Island Dental, our staff is experienced in implants and everything that comes with them, so we’ll uncover what you need to make your implants a success.

Ridge Augmentation

Sometimes, a lost tooth can cause problems with the jawbone when it comes to loss from:

  • Infections in cavities
  • Periodontal disease
  • Trauma or injury
  • Developmental defects at birth

This can cause the jawbone to lose height or width, sometimes both which can make it difficult to do a proper implant.  Luckily for you, our experienced staff can still help you get the dental implants that you deserve to have.

Bone Grafting

In order for the implant to hold well, we sometimes must build up the bone under the missing tooth to ensure stability.  This is done by grafting, which is done in an office and is minimally invasive.  The dentist has access to bone that is already harvested, but he can also take bone from a different area of your body to help build a structure for implants.

Gum tissue that has receded too much can also be replaced through grafting, or regrown through special periodontal procedures.

Sinus Augmentation

When implants are needed on the upper jaw, and there is not enough bone to support the placement, the dentist will perform an elevation that will lift the sinus away from the bone and graft bone into the area.  This will provide security for the implant and help keep the sinus in place.

Though these may sound like uncomfortable procedures, our dentists and periodontists have been performing these procedures for a long time and know exactly how to get it done with minimal discomfort to you.  It will be worth it in the end when you have a brand new set of gorgeous teeth to brighten up everyone’s day.  Let us be your guide as you take the next steps toward a better smile and a better life.

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