Important Information About Receiving Immediate Dental Implants

Same Day Implants To Fill The Gap ImmediatelyImmediate dental implants are typically available through dentists that offer cosmetic dental procedures. If you are in the market for this type of cosmetic dental surgery, you should meet with your dentist and ask if they are offer dental implants that are performed in one day.

Individuals who receive same day dental implants have a rod set in their mouth, then a replacement tooth immediately loaded onto that rod. This time frame is quite different from the typical time frame surrounding dental implants. Often patients can walk out of the clinic the same day with a full set of implants.

When most people have dentures implanted on these rods, instead of getting partial plates, bridges, or even a full set of dentures, they typically wait for three to four months between having the rod implanted and having the new artificial tooth loaded onto the rod. This allows for full healing to occur.

Before beginning, the dentist takes a full set of x-rays. They also perform additional tests to be completely sure that the patient in question is an excellent test for the procedure. The patient must have enough bone in their jaw for the titanium pieces to attach to.

After they’ve decided that you’re an excellent candidate, you’ll be set up with an appointment to place the titanium in your mouth. Once this procedure has been finished, your jawbone will completely fuse to the metal, creating a permanent addition to your mouth.

It may take multiple weeks for this fusion to happen. The dentist may wait to be sure that the fusion has completed before loading the replacement tooth onto the titanium base. If this has not happened before the tooth is added, the post may move, leading to the tooth not attaching fully. This can lead to failure of the entire implant.

If the implant is performed on the same day, there’s a chance that the pole may not stay seated and that more surgery may be needed to set the road again. There may be certain situations that lead to immediate implants being necessary. Only your dental professional can let you know if you’re a good candidate for this type of same day implant, or if you’re better waiting on longer term dental implants.

It can be a giant disappointment to be told that we’re not eligible for the dental procedure that we want most. However, it’s important to listen to your cosmetic dentist and the advice that they give you about same day dental implants. While you can opt for a second opinion, it’s important to consider everything that both dentists tell you.

If the clinic you’re working with doesn’t offer the procedures that you’re in the market for, you may want to seek out referrals to clinics in your area that do. If they are unaware of local clinics that offer same day implants, you may be able to find local clinics online.

Your oral health is extremely important, so take care to protect it at all costs.

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