Same Day Implants To Fill The Gap Immediately

Same Day Implants To Fill The Gap ImmediatelyWhen a tooth is lost, a person will go through a great deal of stress. Not only will they often experience some type of discomfort due to the cause of their missing tooth, but there is also a self-confidence issue with the new tooth gap as well. A gap caused by a missing tooth can cause a person to be self-conscious, and many believe that having the tooth replaced will require some time with the gap as the mouth heals to accept the implant. At Island Dental Associates, we offer same-day implants to allow you to get your chewing surface and your smile back, and you won’t need to go long at all with the gap your tooth has left behind.

In the early days of dental implants, a few months of healing time was required to allow the new implant to fuse to the jaw structure before a tooth crown was placed, leaving the gap behind for a good while until the healing process is complete. Luckily, new dental technology has allowed this process to be a thing of the past, as our dental professionals combine these technologies to get you your implants straight away.

How immediate dental implants work is rather simple. First, a tooth will be extracted, and it may be extracted for any number of reasons. Disease, injury, or simple decay are just a few common reasons why a tooth may be extracted, and extractions are rather common. Right after the extraction, the dental implant will be placed right into the now vacant area where the tooth root once was, and this allows the jaw to heal from the distraction, and to the new implant, all at the same time. Not only does this get you your implant faster, but it also allows the healing process to go more smoothly.

Once the implant is placed, it will then be adhered to a crown to provide you with a working and esthetically pleasing new tooth, so you never need to live with the gap. While same day dental implants aren’t something available everywhere, we’re proud to provide this service to our Long Island area patients at Island Dental Associates. To learn more about our same day dental implant procedure, simply call us today to set up a consultation and get started!

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