Secure Your Dentures With Mini Implants

Secure Your Dentures With Mini ImplantsNothing is more uncomfortable than a problem with your mouth. Tooth pain, sore gums, loose teeth…the list of possible troubles is endless. One of the most irritating dental issues that many people do not think of is loose or ill-fitting dentures. You might imagine that once you are fitted with a full set of dentures, you’ll never have another problem. While it’s true that getting a set of dentures can be life-changing, you’ll still need to have tweaks and small fixes done as time goes on. Natural wear and tear can change the fit of the dentures and you’ll need to have them refitted or realigned in order to get back to security.


Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants. This means less intrusion, faster healing, and a shorter time in the dentist chair. If you have any bone loss in your jaw, mini implants are a great solution as they require less bone to anchor to. The implants instrumental in helping to secure your loose dentures, providing you with security and comfort. No longer do you need to suffer with the feeling that your dentures are slipping, or wobbling. Many people have reported feeling that their speech was clearer when they had the implants placed. Imagine the confidence you’ll gain when speaking with friends and family. You’ll save money and time by not having to stop and apply adhesive to your dentures constantly just to keep them from shifting. And the appearance of your dentures will become more natural when you have the stabilization to hold them in place. Your confidence will take a turn for the better!

At Island Dental Associates, we want you to look and feel your best. When it comes to stabilizing your dentures, our professional and caring staff is ready to address your concerns and put you at ease with your decision. Come in today for your free consultation and we’ll plan how to get your mouth back to a state of comfort in no time!

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