Single Missing Tooth – Single Dental Implant

Getting a Single Tooth Dental Implant

Are you missing a single tooth? If you are, it’s probably grating on your nerves, and it could be a source of constant embarrassment for you. It’s time that you looked into fixing the issue, and a single tooth dental implant could be just what you need. Dental implants are able to replace the natural tooth and even the root.

Why Choose a Single Tooth Implant?

People have several tooth replacement options, but the single tooth implant tends to have some nice benefits over the other methods, such as a bridge. For starters, it looks natural, like a real tooth. It also functions as a real tooth does. When you have a single dental implant, you do not have to worry about the health of the surrounding teeth. Of course, when you add a bridge, it requires that the dentist grinds down the surrounding teeth in order to hold the bridge properly.

The single dental implant not only looks better, but most patients will find that it is easier to keep clean and in good shape since it is so similar to a real tooth. The bridges are more difficult to keep clean, and they can gather bacteria. In some cases, the gums around the bridge deteriorate as well, and this can lead to an unnatural looking smile.

How Does the Dentist Place the Implant?

When you have a single missing tooth, the dentist will add the implant by adding it to the jaw. This looks like a screw and essentially, that is what it is. The dentist will then let the implant and the bone bond with one another, which takes several months – generally between two and six. During this time, the dentist will place a temporary healing cap over the implant. Once this heals, the dentist will then add the crown, or replacement tooth, to the abutment at the implant site. Different systems and options are available, and the dentist can go over all of these with you to determine which one is the best solution for you.

Once you complete the process, you will find that your smile is as bright as it was before, and it can help to boost your confidence levels. It looks fantastic and very natural. No one will be able to tell that you have an implant when you smile, which is the point of the procedure in the first place.

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