Slipping Into Old Habits

Slipping Into Old HabitsFor many people who wear dentures, these prosthetics are as much a way of improving the quality of life on a physical level as they are of aiding on an emotional level. It is true that dental replacements allow individuals to continue to eat and speak in a more natural fashion, but in addition, any improvement that helps with appearance can also lead to better self-esteem and confidence. Some people who wear dentures do find, however, that even these benefits can be a difficult balancing act to maintain.

Slippage is one of the primary frustrations for a number of denture wearers. This problem can often become worse over the course of time, since changes in the shape of the natural palate will alter the precision with which a new set of dentures initially fits. Along with alterations that happen in the form of the bones of the jaw, shrinkage of gums can also cause problems with the way the prosthetic is seated. This will impact both the overall physical and cosmetic benefits of dentures.

Securing Solutions

The use of dental implants for securing and stabilizing dentures has helped to eliminate many of these common problems, and provide for some long term health boons. With dental implants, the metal posts are placed into the actual bone of the jaw, and then the prosthetic pieces are anchored on to these. Several stabilizing factors come into play with this scenario, including the fact that the posts create a very solid foundation, and the fact that the dentures are fitted to these strategically placed points, in order to remove concerns of shifting. This allows denture wearers to enjoy a better quality of life with eating and even speaking, and can eliminate the need for constant refitting.

Denture wearers can gain better education about the process and benefits of using dental implants for stabilization and comfort through a consultation with Dental Implants of Long Island. We can answer questions about the procedure itself and also offer different options based on your oral health and your specific needs.

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