Small Is The Right Size

Small Is The Right SizeThe use of mini dental implants is helping to provide instant restoration for individuals who are in need of dental work such as root canals with a full tooth removal. This implement is a smaller version of traditional implants that is meant to be used in gaps where there is minimal space, but also in immediate restorations with a fabricated tooth.

The size difference of several millimeters may not seem like a large amount, but within the mouth it can be the difference between causing crowding and having a comfortable and long lasting repair. The mini dental implants are also less invasive for the insertion into a freshly drilled socket, and this is what allows the all in one extraction and restoration to be so effective.

Studies done with mini dental implants show that they are just as effective as regular ones and more versatile for immediate use. As the bone grows around the base, the surrounding gum will also heal in a manner that perfectly fits the fabricated tooth into the jaw. Even though these implants are smaller, there is no danger of grow over, as the body’s natural structure prevents this from occurring.

The Need To Look Good

Dental Implants of Long Island is understanding of concerns that patients have when it comes to tooth removal. In the past, extraction would occur and the socket would need to heal over before any other work could be done,. This would leave you with a considerable gap that was not only unsightly, but also has the potential to collect detritus and become infected, just by the nature that it is a hole in the gingiva. Mini dental implants negate this problem, since they keep the excavation site protected and clean. They also allow for the replacement tooth to be fitted with immediacy, so appearances are preserved.

If you are concerned that you may need to undergo a full extraction, we recommend that you visit our website to learn more about your restorative options. This will also allow you to schedule a consultation and speak with one of our experienced doctors about your specific needs.

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