Solve Your Tooth Trouble With Dental Implants

Solve Your Tooth Trouble With Dental ImplantsWhen you lose a tooth, it can feel like the end of the world.  The circumstances surrounding the tooth loss can be traumatic enough! Tooth loss can come from an injury, such a car accident, or from taking medications that you are required to take to stay healthy.

Sometimes, tooth loss can come when we have decay and we let that decay go for a long time without treatment. That’s when we find ourselves with pain and swelling and even infection. At that point, most people will seek treatment, only to find that it is too late to save the tooth. Once the tooth is gone, we feel like a part of us is missing.

Sadly, people sometimes believe that when they lose a tooth, they must suffer with the empty socket; especially when the empty socket is in the back of the mouth where it won’t be seen. However, an empty socket can be a problem no matter where it is located.  When you are missing a tooth in the back of your mouth, you don’t think about the problems that can come from this such as:

  • Improper bite
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Tilting of adjacent teeth
  • Drifting down of teeth above the gap

If you have a missing tooth and you are concerned about facing some of these issues, it’s time to consider finding a replacement for what you have lost.

The Best Solution

There are many different options for tooth replacement, from bridges to dentures, but the best option to replace your missing tooth might be a dental implant.  Dental implants are often the best solution because they are permanent and they discourage bone loss in your jaw. They look, feel, and function just like your normal teeth. By bonding with your jawbone, they are sturdier than any other tooth replacement option.  They won’t need to be replaced, you don’t need to worry about adhesive gels or pastes, and you can continue to eat all of the foods you like without worrying about the implant loosening over time.

Is It Expensive?

You may think that you’d have to take out a second mortgage on your home in order to be able to afford dental implants; but you’d be wrong.  At Island and Shine Dental, we not only offer you a free consultation with digital x-rays, but we also offer 0% financing and we accept most insurance plans. On top of all that, we are currently running a special of $989 for implants.  This is well below the $5,000 per tooth that some offices charge!

You have nothing to lose by stopping by one of our offices for a consultation.  Don’t let your mouth suffer from what’s been missing for far too long.

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