Stabilize Loose Dentures With Mini Dental Implants

Stabilize Loose Dentures With Mini Dental ImplantsMost denture patients who come to our clinic are senior-aged, discussing implant treatments for dentures causes concerns over costs and general health. Dental implant procedures for denture stabilization can sometimes make patients feel overwhelmed by the options and process. This is why we find mini dental implants to be a practical solution for patients in need of denture stabilization.

Mini dental implants are quickly placed and immediately loaded, often requiring less bone mass, time investment, and soreness for suitable candidates. For example, a procedure to stabilize denture using four mini dental implants can be completed in as little as two hours. Compared to traditional dental implants, soreness is significantly reduced, and denture stability is recognized and felt instantly.

Our top priority is understanding our patient’s needs and goals. We work with patients and recommend solutions specifically tailored to reach their desired outcomes. Many denture patients come seeking treatments to improve the functionality, fit and appearance of their dentures, as well as seeking comfort and confidence eating and socializing.

At your initial visit, current dentures, medical history, and oral health are assessed for dental implant suitability. If, for example, your dentures are too worn we can discuss the possibility of creating new dentures.

After we have concluded you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, we can schedule and conduct the process. The dental implants are placed individually in the mouth, and the denture retrofitted for placement. After the denture is seated on the implants, it is then removed and checked for transfer. This is repeated until the dentures and comfortably fitted on top of the implants.

Our dentists take into account the denture patient’s desired outcome to deliver an effective treatment that eases their concerns and worries. Our staff does not settle for anything less than fantastic results based on sound science to financially and personal benefit both the patient and dentist staff.

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