Stabilizing Loose Dentures With Dental Implants

Stabilizing Loose Dentures With Dental ImplantsThe longer you have been wearing full or partial dentures, the greater the chance that the bony structure which supports the softer tissues has been diminishing. Since your dentures are constantly making contact with those softer tissues, the bone structure begins receding. As a result, adjustments are needed on a regular basis because you start experiencing some discomfort. Additionally, you may find that you are having difficulty with a number of normal functions such as biting, chewing, smiling, and speaking.


Benefits Of Denture Stabilization With Implants

Fortunately, Island Dental Associates has a solution for you to consider – stabilizing your dentures with dental implants. There are 4 primary benefits of this procedure:

  • For patients who want to avoid the expense of getting individual dental implants, this is the preferred alternative
  • Prevents the lower and upper jaw bones from receding as well as the changes to shape of your face that you could experience with missing teeth
  • Provides added fixation and support to your dentures so you can bite, chew, smile, and speak as comfortable as possible
  • You can benefit from implant-supported dentures even if you have experienced bone loss

Once your implants are in place, adjustments will be made by one of our dentists in order to attach them to your dentures. Finally, one of the primary reasons to consider getting implants to stabilize your dentures is that they are now more affordable than they were in the past. Plus, we have seen overwhelming evidence of many denture wearers having gone this route in order to eliminate the problems involved with wearing them.


Additional Considerations

It goes without saying that supporting your dentures with dental implants is the best alternative to consider for stabilizing them. Not only will you eliminate the annoyance involved with clicking and sliding dentures, you won’t have to purchase adhesives any longer. Plus, there are a number of cost-effective implant systems now available. Most importantly, it eliminates loose dentures or ones that fit poorly.

If you are tired of experiencing the difficulties your loose or poor-fitting dentures are causing while you are eating, smiling, and speaking, Island Dental Associates can show you how to stabilize them using dental implants. In most cases, this procedure can be performed in a single visit depending on your individual circumstances. However, you will be much happier with your dentures once the procedure is completed. So contact us today to schedule an appointment for evaluation. You’ll be glad you did.

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