Strength Comes From The Core

Strength Comes From The CorePeople who are unfamiliar with dental implants are also unaware of the incredible effectiveness that they give to dental restructuring. These metal posts also have uses in preventive oral care and can be employed for a number of reasons.

At Dental Implants of Long Island, we have experience in the utilization of dental implants for the following purposes:

Single tooth replacement
• Securing bridgework
• Stabilization of dentures
• Creation of hybrid dentures
• Treating periodontal disease
• Preventing further bone deterioration
• Securing prosthetics in individuals with severe mandibular degeneration
• Filling extraction sockets

Dental implants are highly effective since they create a solid base for any fabricated dentition, by using the body’s own healing powers to generate a new root for teeth.

This process allows dentures and bridges to seat properly and also recessed single tooth replacements into the gums. This makes the dental work appear natural, since the replacements are actually grounded in the rather than just sitting on top of the gums or affixed to them.

Making It Last

Dental implants also have the ability to hold up over time. Although natural ear may occur to the fabricated tooth, this can be easily repaired or fully replaced, but the root that has formed around the implant remains. This means that maintenance is as simple as securing a new prosthetic to the existing bolt of the implant.

If you have had dental replacement in the past or are in need of it presently, the consideration of dental implants can be a wise choice. The insertion is done under a general anesthetic, so that the process is both quick and painless. Our website shows how this is done and explains the many applications of this technique. Your implants will end up changing the way that you think about fabricated teeth, and will give you greater freedom for a more comfortable lifestyle.

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