The 3 Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Dental Implants

The 3 Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Dental ImplantsIsland Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset have provided dozens of individuals with dental implants in order to restore their smiles and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life. For those reasons, we feel that these prosthetics are a sound investment in a person’s appearance as well as their self-confidence. When a person is considering dental implants and contacts either of our two Long Island offices, they typically have a lot of questions.

However, the most commonly asked question is “How much will my dental implants cost?” The best answer we can give you is that the cost of a patient’s dental implants will vary according to their individual needs. Additionally, there are differing factors contributing to the person’s course of treatment. Consequently, the cost of any dental implant procedure is neither fixed nor static in nature. Once we have examined your gums and teeth, we will be able to evaluate your overall oral health and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

At Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, the following 3 factors are taken into consideration in order to determine the cost of your dental implant procedure:

Number of teeth that need replacement – whether you are missing multiple teeth or just a single tooth, dental implants are the most effective way to improve a person’s self-esteem and restore their smile. So you can safely assume that it will cost you more to replace several teeth rather than a single one. Just like with any other dental service, the amount of materials and time involved in the procedure play a significant role in determining the cost.

Preparation procedures required – if you have lost jawbone mass due to gum (periodontal) disease, we may have to perform one of several additional procedures such as bone grafts, extractions, periodontal therapy, or sinus lifts. Consequently, if you have to have one or more of these procedures performed, it is going to significantly impact the cost or your dental implant procedure.

Tooth replacement method recommended – ideally, if we are replacing a single tooth, it should only require a single implant. However, when an entire arch is lost or several teeth need replacement, more implants will be required. Additionally, dental implants can be used to stabilize and support bridges and dentures. So the type of replacement method that is used impacts the cost of the entire procedure.

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