The Basics Behind Having Dental Implants

DentalLong Island residents are a hardy bunch, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get the best dental care out there. And one of the best options for getting that care is to have dental implants placed instead of using things like dentures. But there are plenty of people who hate the very thought of dental work, and the idea of dental implants can be scary. At Island Dental Associates we think that a small bit of education is all it will take to overcome those fears. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect when you decide to have dental implants.

First, the decision between mini dental implants or traditional ones will be made. Today, mini dental implants are the preferred choice for most since they’re less invasive, heal faster, and take less time to place. Odds are, those will be the option you and your dental professional decide on. Along with this, your dentist will figure out what your implants need to do – provide anchors for a bridge, individual teeth, or something else, for instance.

The process of placing dental implants involves drilling small pilot holes into the jawbone where your teeth once were. Then, titanium posts are set into the pilot holes. Usually, there is a healing process that follows this but in some instances the entire process may be done at once. Over the span of a few weeks, the bone in the jaw will fuse to the titanium and the implants will become a permanent part of your mouth. This process may sound frightening, but it takes only a couple of hours and is done under anesthesia so no pain is experienced at all.

After this healing process, the dentures, bridge, or replacement teeth will be fixed to the anchors. At this point, you’ll have the smile that you want and deserve. If you’re ready to get that smile and learn more about dental implants, don’t hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation visit.

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