Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

implants stabilizing denturesEven though our teeth were given to us by nature to last a lifetime, most people will attest to the opposite. Missing teeth are quite common. It can be due to accidents, extraction due to decaying and various other reasons.

This situation will affect the adjoining teeth by causing them to breakdown and shift with time. Chewing food also will be difficult with missing teeth.

The most important is the damage it can do to the self esteem of the bearer. People with missing teeth will be under severe stress and a low self esteem.

The latest breakthrough technology can reverse this situation with mini dental implants. Mini dental implants can restore your smile to the good old days, and thereby improve the self esteem in leaps and bounds.

These implants are much more dependable than traditional dental bridgework and endodontic treatment. Mini dental implants are titanium screws which act as root replacements for missing teeth and dental stabilization. They will provide more stability than the traditional dentures, which are loose fitting. They are available for all ages and are much more convenient than the traditional removable dentures.

The benefits of mini dental implants are numerous. A dental patient who does not have the bone thickness to accommodate the conventional implants can get a better and improved solution from the mini implants. Since, only a small pilot bit is used to create the opening to thread the implant to the bone, elderly and weak patients can use the mini implant without any problem. The whole operation can be done in 1-2 hours with local anesthesia, and is completely painless. The other major benefit is that it does not take long to heal as with traditional implants. You can get on with your life right away after the operation. The most important benefit is that the mini dental implant looks and feel like your own natural teeth, and this is the main reason why more and more people are going after mini dental implants nowadays.

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