The Different Problems Dental Implants Can Solve

The DifferentLong Islanders are diverse, resilient, and often ingenious. Franklin Square residents fit that mold as well, and the nearly 30,000 who call the area home have met challenges individually and as a community many times. Dental issues are one thing that are usually dealt with on your own – or at least with the help of a competent dental professional. One solution to many problems is the use of dental implants. These are a perfect solution for dealing with missing teeth, and have some very real advantages over other choices. At Island Dental Associates we want our clients to know that they’ve chosen the right solution for them, and that’s why we think it’s important that taking a quick look at the various problems dental implants can solve is a good idea.

More specifically, it’s worth looking at the problems with other solutions that dental implants solve. Obviously, they’ll help you overcome issues like low self-esteem, difficulty eating, and making a good first impression on others. But other dental procedures can do those things as well – although not often as well as implants. However, those other procedures can have some very real challenges of their own. Here’s a look at some of those issues and how dental implants overcome them.

Loose FitsEven the best fitting custom dentures or bridges may not stay in place the way they should. And when that happens it can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. Dental implants don’t come loose, and are a permanent solution well worth considering.

Unnatural AppearanceSometimes dentures or other dental appliances just don’t look right. Implants provide the most realistic looking replacements available today, and will blend in perfectly with your existing teeth.

Strange Feeling In The MouthThis is particularly true of dentures, when the acrylic plating covers the roof of the mouth and makes it impossible to feel your actual mouth roof. Implants give the most realistic sensation there is, and feel so natural you’ll forget that you have them in.

Maintenance HasslesCleaning and maintaining some dental fixtures like dentures can be a pain in the neck. With implants, you’ll be able to care for them exactly as you would your real teeth. This means there are no hassles involved.

We think that dental implants are the perfect solution for nearly any dental related issue. To find out more about them and see if they’re right for you, contact us today.

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