The Evolvement Of Dental Implants

The Evolvement Of Dental ImplantsAccording to recent history, dental implants have been extraordinarily successful since they were first performed over four decades ago. As with other dental technologies, decades of clinical use and documented scientific research have validated and verified implants as being the primary solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Plus, they are a better alternative to full and partial dentures. Dental implants have been utilized since the early 1970’s and since that time there have been numerous advancements and improvements in their design.

Earlier civilizations realized that there were numerous benefits to replacing missing teeth with some type of dental prosthetic. Dental implants have been tried and tested since the technology has been employed and they date back hundreds, if not thousands of years and have exhibited a wide range of success rates. The earliest documented evidence of replacing teeth with dental implants dates back to the 7th century Mayans. Archeologists discovered human skulls that displayed evidence of teeth being replaced by a variety of materials ranging from carved stones to seashell fragments.

Despite the primitive technology that was available at the time, there was evidence of these materials being fused with the jawbone in many cases. In the early 1950’s, an orthopedic surgeon inserted a small titanium cylinder into a jawbone in order to study its healing characteristics. He quickly discovered that the cylinder could not be removed. As a result, he contended that titanium exhibits a special bone-fusing property which has since been named “osseointegration” which is now the modern biological basis for the success of dental implant procedures.

Dental implants became the preferred choice of denture wearers who were having a great deal of difficulty when they were looking for a way to stabilize and support their full or partial dentures. Basically, using dental implants for this purpose enabled many denture wearers to tolerate the prosthetics that replaced their natural teeth. With the loss of jawbone mass that typically occurs when wearing dentures, the use of dental implants to hold the dentures in place has been an effective way to counteract this dilemma.

Dental Implants of Long Island can help you restore your smile by replacing missing teeth or stabilizing your dentures with dental implants. In either case, having dental implants will provide you with a better quality of life and improved self-esteem. For more information about these different procedures or the other services we provide, please contact our Long Island office today.

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