The Facts About Getting Ready For Dental Implant Surgery

The Facts About Getting Ready For Dental Implant SurgerySo, you’ve made the decision to use dental implants as a permanent solution to your tooth loss issues. Congratulations! More and more people throughout Long Island and around the U.S. are using dental implants to permanently restore the function of the mouth.

Some people are concerned when they learn that dental implant surgery involves using an implanted screw that attaches to the jaw. However, it’s important to know that this method is very safe, as the bones of the jaw will naturally grow around the implant.

Using a dental implant means being able to permanently replace lost teeth with new prosthetic teeth that are much more likely to last. However, the dental implant process must give you and your bones sufficient time to heal before the new teeth are put in.

That means there will be two surgical engagements during your time getting dental implants. How can you prepare for these and help ensure you get the best results possible? It is actually very easy, but it’s important to know the facts.

Preparing Yourself For Dental Implant Surgery Is Simple And Fast

Dental implant surgery is highly safe, but patients should do everything possible to ensure the body will heal quickly and thoroughly. Taking the appropriate steps to get ready for surgery is key to a great outcome.

Before you arrive for your dental implant surgery, do the following:

1) Consult With Your Dentist

Depending on the current health of your mouth, your dentist may have special instructions for you. Be sure to get these instructions and follow them to the letter. Don’t hesitate to call the office if you are unsure about anything.

2) Make Arrangements For Post-Surgery Pickup

General anesthesia may sometimes be necessary to introduce your dental implants and to install your new replacement teeth. As a result, you will need help getting around. Do not plan to drive after surgery, as you will be disoriented.

3) Plan For Meals And Rest

It is important not to overwork your jaw in the immediate days following your surgery. You will want to have a variety of soft foods and liquids to enjoy while you recover. Your dentist will provide information on when you can normalize your diet.

The dental implant process takes a bit longer than some other oral surgeries, because it accounts for your body’s natural healing functions. However, it is more effective than any other way of replacing lost teeth!

At Island Dental Associates, we are proud to help customers all throughout Long Island with their dental implant needs. To learn more, call or email us today. We look forward to helping you.

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