The Modern Way To Stabilize Dentures

The Modern Way To Stabilize DenturesWe know how difficult it can be to keep your dentures stabilized at Island Dental Associates, and that the ways of old when it comes to stabilizing loose dentures aren’t always ideal. With pastes and adhesives, you’re constantly struggling with your dentures sticking correctly, and you’re always at risk for an embarrassing loose denture situation. Biting, chewing, smiling, and speaking, four things that you should look forward to in life, are suddenly stressful as you wonder if this is when your dentures will decide to begin slipping, but the modern way to stabilize dentures eliminates all of these fears.

This modern way to stabilize dentures is through mini dental implants, and this minimally invasive procedure is one that will finally leave you with a smile you can be proud of. Because no adhesives or pastes are used, you won’t need to worry about your dentures beginning to slip, and putting in or taking out your teeth is as simple as a snap.

Unlike traditional dental implants, the same kind of healing isn’t really required with mini dental implants, and the procedure itself is actually a breeze. At Island Dental Associates, we can fabricate your dentures to receive the implants during the same visit, so you’ll never even have to be without your teeth.

The first step in receiving mini dental implants to stabilize your dentures is the placement of the mini implant posts. While this may seem like a scary or painful process, it’s really not so bad, and many of our patients find that they feel no discomfort at all. The implants are placed into the gum and jawbone region, and these are the posts that will hold on your dentures and prevent them from slipping.

After the posts are implanted, your dentures will then be adjusted to snap into the implants. By aligning small holes in your dentures with the small implant posts, you’ll be able to snap on and snap off your dentures as you wish with ease.

At Island Dental Associates, a mini dental implant procedure is a common recommendation we make to our patients who have trouble with denture slipping. To see if mini dental implants may be a solution for you, simply call us today to set up a consultation!

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