The New Face Of Corrective Surgery

The New Face Of Corrective SurgeryAs much as people are concerned with maintaining good health, factors that influence appearance and function can also play strongly into overall wellbeing. Oral health is a frequently neglected but highly impactful factor for mind and body wellness. On one level, dental health allows individuals to go about their daily lives without constraints, and when you consider how much activities such as eating and talking are a part of your day, the importance of your teeth takes on a new meaning.

Many people also do not realize the impact that oral health has on appearance and self esteem. Even the absence of several teeth within the mouth can change facial structure, but when this is compounded with issues such as bone loss and a shifting of the jaw, it can make for an even greater visual alteration.

Solutions That Last

Dental implants as corrective devices fill many of the worries that people have with loss of teeth, bone degeneration, and even gum diseases. On a basic cosmetic level, these metal posts allow for prosthetic replacements to become simpler to perform, have greater longevity, and have a more natural appearance within the mouth. Even a basic replacement of missing teeth can help to restore the shape of the face.

Dental implants also take the structural concerns a step further. Since the procedure involves having the posts inserted directly into the bone, the rods not only hold the prosthetics in place, but also help to recreate a matrix for bone growth. Since implants can encourage the generation of bone around the metal, they are also highly beneficial in cases where deterioration of the jaw is contributing to tooth loss. This will also impact facial appearance, and help to retain proper form.

Dental Implants of Long Island has a number of services that can address issues from tooth replacement to periodontitis. Clients can visit us online, or at our offices in Franklin Square to get a consultation that addresses individual problems, not only to correct them, but also to make them better over time.

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