The Stability Of Confidence

The Stability Of ConfidenceDentures can represent a sense of well being to many people who have suffered tooth loss through a number of variables. While decay due to soft enamel may have led to a need for having teeth pulled, other people succumb to gum diseases which have put their teeth at risk. At Island Dental Associates, we have encountered many clients who have made the decision that as their teeth were succumbing to oral health problems, it made more sense to have them removed all at once.

This may seem like a drastic measure, but it is actually more common than most people realize. Along with genetic factors, nutrition and lifestyle can also lead to compounded oral problems, even if a person takes relatively good care with their oral hygiene. One of our clients began to experience some tooth loss in his early thirties, and within five years, he had nearly half of all his teeth pulled. At this point, he decided that the partial bridges and his natural were too much to care for with his busy lifestyle, and made the decision to go with full dentures.

After having the rest of his natural teeth removed, he found that the dentures were much easier to maintain. He also found that some of his gum issues were ameliorated now that his natural teeth were no longer trapping bacteria in the gaps. Overall, he was quite content with the results, and could periodically come in for his check-ups and to have his dentures relined.

The Next Step In Comfort

Over the years, this client had also heard about dental implants for denture stabilization, and decided to schedule a special consultation in order to find out if this procedure would be appropriate for him. Since the initial move to dentures had left him with fairly good oral health, some X-rays showed that his greatest current concern was some bone degeneration in the jaw. This not only explained why he needed more frequent relining, but also indicated that he could be a good candidate for implants.

Along with stabilizing full and partial dentures, dental implants can also help bone formation in the jaw. By inserting the titanium rod into the bone, it encouraged healing growth around the structure, and this can combat some of the deterioration. The decision to undergo the procedure moved forward, and within a day he was out of surgery and had been outfitted with a temporary prosthetic while the implants healed.

Within three months this client was back to his regular lifestyle with his permanent dentures, held securely in place with the dental implants. While he still comes in for his regular check-ups, he has minimal maintenance or refitting on his new dentures. He frequently jokes that he should have made the decision to have his teeth pulled sooner.

Even if you do not have as extreme of a condition as this client, exploring the possibility of dental implants for your full or partial dentures could be beneficial. We invite clients to schedule an appointment or an evaluation in order to explore all options. This education and experienced guidance can lead you to a more confident smile, and an easier lifestyle.

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