Tighten Loose Dentures

Tighten Loose DenturesOver time, your dentures may become loose. If left untreated, a host of health issues and problems can arise. It’s important to undergo regular checkups to ensure your dentures are fitting properly. Your dentist should be able to tighten dentures. In fact, some dentists, such as the ones located at Island Dental in Franklin Square, have a full-service dental lab on premises. Access to a full-service dental lab means your dentures can be repaired instantaneously so that you can smile comfortably again in no time.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose?

Over time, the jaw of denture-wearers will change shape. Teeth help keep your jawbone in place, so when you lose some or all your teeth, the shape of your jaw will transform ever so slightly. Your teeth, not your jaw, are designed to handle the forces of chewing and eating. Denture wearers typically experience 1mm of bone loss in their jaw annually, which is inevitable. The only way to compensate is to see a dentist that will tighten dentures.

Problems With Loose Dentures

When dentures are first molded, they are designed to fit your gum and jaw line. As your jaw changes, your dentures begin to shift and slide against your gums. These can lead to soreness, pain, and swelling of the gums.

If you continue to wear loose dentures, you allow yourself to become susceptible to infection. Cheilosis and stomatitis are two mouth infections that typically effect those that wear loose dentures. Cheilosis occurs because of an overgrowth of yeast in the moist areas of your mouth, and causes inflammation and cracking at the corners of your mouth. Stomatitis causes small red bumps on the roof of your mouth.

Loose dentures can also create problems eating, as it will become difficult to bite or chew food. It will also become difficult to speak and smile. Many patients that have worn loose dentures have also suffered from headaches and a dull pain in their ears.

Tighten Dentures

A dentist who is an expert at tightening dentures will look at your current set of dentures and determine the best course of action. Your dentist may advise a reline, which allows the dentures to rest more comfortably against your gums. This is a simple procedure that will make wearing your dentures much more comfortable.

Your dentist may also recommend an adhesive gel or denture powder, both of which will help keep the dentures in place. It’s also possible that your dentist suggests denture suction cups. A layer of suction can help tighten dentures and create a more firm and secure grip.

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