Understanding How Dental Implants Work

Understanding How Dental Implants WorkYour smile is one of the most important parts of you. It influences your overall levels of self-confidence and happiness, and also has a big impact on how others perceive you. Add to that the fact that eating can be difficult when you are missing teeth and it becomes clear that doing something to improve your smile is important.

For years, dentures were the only real answer. But today, going a step further and using dental implants is a better option. Modern implants have come a long way, and while some are nervous or worried about having them placed just reviewing the basics behind them could help you see that they really are worth investing in.

How They Work

Dental implants are just what they sound like – dental appliances that are implanted into your mouth. The process works fairly simply. Once your mouth has been molded to allow for the fabrication of dentures, you’ll visit the dentist for the procedure. It goes like this:

• You’ll be given anesthesia to ensure that no pain is felt during the process.

• Holes are drilled into the jawbone.

• Anchors are set into those holes, where the jaw will gradually fuse to the anchors.

• The dentures are then attached to the anchor points.

• You’ll be sent home to recover.

That’s really all there is to the process. Once the jawbone fuses to the anchors, the implants become like a natural part of your mouth. This gives them incredible strength compared to traditional dentures, which have to be removed from time to time or which can feel wobbly or unnatural in the mouth.

The Benefits

The benefits of modern dental implants are numerous. They’re more comfortable, they look more natural, and they are so close to the real thing that it’s hard for you – or anyone – to tell them apart.

And with today’s mini dental implants, you’re able to go through the process quickly and with much less pain than older implants. The mini implants are smaller and involve a faster recovery time and less discomfort during it. This makes it easier to decide that they’re right for you – they give you a huge range of benefits that traditional implants don’t without a huge amount of trouble or pain – and their cost is comparable, too.

If you’re ready for a better smile, our team at Shine Dental Associates can help you. Contact us today to get started with a consultation visit and find out more about your options.

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