Understanding Mini Dental Implants

Understanding Mini Dental ImplantsThere are a lot of different dental procedures that could change your life in a major way. One perfect example of this is to have dental implants. If you are dealing with missing teeth – even if you currently have traditional dentures – it may be time to take a look at getting a good dental implant procedure.

Here at Shine Dental Associates, we know that dental procedures can make many people worry or stress them out. Knowledge is power, and reviewing a few basic things about today’s mini dental implants could help you feel better about deciding to have the procedure done.

The Procedure

First, you’ll want to get a basic idea behind the procedure. This can help you understand what to expect and calm any nerves you may have about it. Here’s the process in a nutshell.

• Molds of your teeth and mouth are made and replacement dentures are crafted using them as a guide.

• Upon the day of your procedure, you’ll go under anesthesia and then have small holes drilled into your jawbone.

• Anchors are then set into the holes in your jawbone, and the replacement teeth are then attached to those anchors.

• You’ll be given basic care and follow up instructions after recovering from the anesthesia.


There are obviously many misconceptions about dental implants, but two of them loom larger than the rest.

First of all, thanks to the fact that mini implants use smaller holes and anchors than older types of implants, recovery times are far shorter than most believe. You can be back to your normal life much faster than you realize.

Secondly, the pain is very minor with today’s procedures. Anesthesia is used during the procedure, and even after it wears off most who have the procedure done report only minor pain and discomfort.


There are plenty of benefits offered to you by mini dental implants. These include:

• Easier cleaning
• Permanent
• Matches your mouth perfectly
• Replicates real teeth
• Durable
• Makes it easy to eat anything
• Affordable

Simply put, you owe it to yourself to look into mini dental implants and what they might be able to offer to you. To get started, you’ll want to set up a basic consultation visit. Contact our offices to do just that and let us answer your questions about the procedures. Your perfect smile is closer than you think, and we’re ready to help you reach it.

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