Understanding What Dental Implants Are And How They Can Prove Beneficial

Put simply, dental implants are actually artificial root structures used to fuse false teeth with the rest of a person’s teeth. These are commonly used when people are missing a few teeth and want a more complete and permanent mouth. There are other parts to these dental implants that make them functional and your unit of teeth cohesive. An abutment is used as well as an abutment screw. These two small parts are what help connect the dental implant to the prosthetic teeth that are in your mouth.

Dental implants are used for a variety of different purposes. For example, as mentioned they can definitely work to support a denture and make it more permanent. And, they can also help support a tooth that you are having problems with, as long as a crown is also affixed. A dental implant is also able to support multiple teeth when the bridge is secured to your other teeth.

A dental implant and reworking of a missing tooth or teeth does require a process. The implant is first placed at the location of the missing tooth. After a couple of weeks, the abutment and screw are placed and then the dental crown is also set. Of course the dental crown is another word for the actual tooth replacement that you are getting.

Perhaps you are about to have a tooth extracted. Understand that you can request that a dental implant be put in to replace that missing tooth immediately. And, there are options available to you as well that have the dental implant and abutment as a single piece. You must also understand that the time it takes for the dental crown or replacement tooth to be added also varies due to the location of the missing tooth in your mouth.

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