Use The Right Toothpaste With Dental Implants

Use The Right Toothpaste With Dental ImplantsOne of the best things about having a dental implants procedure done is the return to a completely normal speaking and eating experience. No more compensating with dentures, or having to avoid certain foods ever again! But while getting dental implants can restore full “functionality” of your mouth to you in terms of eating and speaking, there’s one area where you need to exercise a little bit of care; the toothpaste you use.


It’s All In The Ingredients


While a dental implants procedure gives you all the mechanical advantages of natural teeth, the material that the implants is made of is not the same identical enamel as that of naturally formed teeth. This means that while the implant itself may be immune to the typical risks a tooth faces—such as cavities—you will still need to regularly brush all your teeth, and your implants, to prevent plaque accumulation.

The type of toothbrush you use for this is strictly up to personal preference. Whether it is an old fashioned toothbrush, or a newer electric model, proper brushing is still the key. However, the toothpaste is something you should exercise a bit more care with. Most toothpaste that you find in the store with fluoride is perfectly fine for your dental implants.

Where the issue come in is with certain specialized toothpastes, that may include baking soda, silica, or other abrasives designed to more aggressively “scour” teeth. Implants have a protective layer that, over time, can be worn away by abrasives or even acid fluoride. If this happens, then the surface of the implants will eventually become both rough and then permanently discolored.

A dental implants procedure can be a great, liberating experience for “giving you back your mouth,” and letting you enjoy speech and food the way you did when you were younger. Just avoid certain types of toothpaste, and your implants will have a long and happy life.

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