Using Implants To Stabilize Loose Dentures Can Improve Dental Health

Using Implants To Stabilize Loose Dentures Can Improve Dental HealthThere are many reasons a person might lose teeth over the course of his or her life. Even with the best intentions around dental health, diseases or trauma can cause problems that require dentures.

Using dentures doesn’t mean that your mouth won’t be healthy or that replacement teeth won’t be just as appealing as your natural ones! However, there are some potential complications to denture use you should be aware of.

One of the most significant issues that denture wearers contend with is looseness. When dentures are loose, they are not providing the kind of support that your mouth needs in order to eat, speak, and ensure the health of your gums.

Why Is It So Important To Make Sure That Your Dentures Are Secure And Fit Properly?

There are several complications that can arise from denture looseness. When dentures are loose, it becomes easier for bacteria to colonize your gums, or for bacteria to transfer from the surface of the dentures to the region of missing teeth.

Loose dentures can also cause irritation and inflammation if they agitate the gum line. This can contribute to periodontal complications and may even make gingivitis more likely. With that in mind, denture looseness can be a serious problem.

Of course, loose dentures can also contribute to confidence issues and anxiety around eating, especially in public “losing” your dentures is a very common concern that every wearer of dentures has struggled with at some time.

Dental Implants Can Help To Make Denture Looseness A Thing Of The Past

In the past, these problems might have seemed intractable. However, there is now a safe and long-term solution for this kind of problem. Using the right kind of dental implant, you can ensure that your dentures will be stable and secure on the long term.

Instead of using costly and ineffective denture adhesives, you can decide to use dental implants. Dental implants are long-lasting and effective, especially on the lower jaw — where the majority of denture users suffer their most pronounced issues.

Using dental implants, you can save money by liberating yourself from daily use of dental adhesives. You can typically use your existing dentures in the process, and enjoy complete confidence after a minimally invasive process.

In Long Island, Island Dental Associates is the most trusted name in implant dentistry. We have helped thousands of denture wearers to regain confidence and optimal oral health. Contact us by phone or email to set your appointment.

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