Ways That Mini Implant Dentures Can Improve One’s Life

Ways That Mini Implant Dentures Can Improve One's LifeMany people take things that happen naturally like biting and chewing for granted. They utilize their teeth for eating different types of foods daily, never giving the action any thought, that is until a problem arises. A variety of things can cause an individual to lose a tooth. For example, failing to brush and floss appropriately often leads to a dentist having to extract the affected tooth due to decay. Poor dental hygiene is not always the only culprit to blame though. In today’s modern world, with so many gadgets and gizmos, citizens must exercise regularly to stay in shape.

Some folks join gyms while others partake in sporting events. Not all sports are full-contact, but an incident can occur at any time, and even while playing the safest game. All it takes is for two team members or competitors to bump heads to cause a tooth to break. Vehicle accidents often produce the same results but also leave participants with different types of injuries. When multiple teeth are lost, the individual often turns to dentures as a remedy for the problem.

There is nothing wrong with dentures, and the devices have been helping people for years. The replacement teeth allow people to eat, and they give them the self-confidence to smile again. However, many times, the apparatus does not fit snug, and the wearer has to rely on an adhesive to hold it firmly in place. If the denture falls out during lunch with friends, it can leave the individual feeling quite embarrassed. Avoid letting these mishaps happen by asking the doctor if mini implant dentures are right for you.

Typically, the entire procedure is completed in as little as 1 to 2 hours. Titanium screws are installed in the jawbone. They serve as anchor points that stabilize the denture. The posts give the teeth a robust foundation, which prevents them from wobbling and moving around. Many patients are not candidates for conventional implants due to their bone structure. However, mini implant dentures only require a small amount of jawbone to fuse appropriately.

Therefore, more people can qualify for the procedure. Additionally, another benefit of the mini implant dentures is that they usually heal quicker than traditional implants. So, ask the doctor if the tooth replacement method is a good fit to quickly improve your overall way of life.

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