What Are Mini Dental Implants?

What Are Mini Dental Implants?For denture wearers, mini dental implants are a great option that lets you ditch the messy adhesives once and for all. Keeping dentures in place can be a hassle, but mini dental implants serve a very useful purpose in keeping dentures in place without the need for other products or the stresses that come along with eating certain foods. With standard dentures, difficult to chew foods can cause adhesives to slip, and this can lead to an embarrassing situation, but this can all be avoided!

When getting mini dental implants, a patient will have several very thin posts placed into the jaw bone structure on the top, bottom, or both sides of their mouth. These posts are typically made of titanium or a similar metal and they are longer than what would normally be found with a standard dental implant. The dentures can then hook onto these posts and stabilize themselves without the need for additional products. The vast majority of patients typically find that they can eat, speak, and live more confidently after receiving mini dental implants!

Unlike standard dental implants which need a period of healing time, mini dental implants can be used immediately after being placed due to the way they are put into the jaw structure. Typically, 6 to 8 posts will be placed in the upper jaw, and 4 to 6 posts will be used for the lower jaw, and a patient may have these placed in one or both jaws as their needs see fit. The process of placing these implants into the mouth is also non-invasive and painless, and a local anesthetic is used to make sure that no patient feels any type of discomfort.

Mini dental implants are not simply useful for denture wearers, and those in other situations may find use for these types of implants as well. Those going through the healing process of a standard implant may use a mini dental implant to provide a tooth during the healing process, or they may also be used for patients whose ridge structure is too thin to hold a standard implant for missing teeth.

At Island Dental Associates, we provide mini dental implants to help our Franklin Square patients to anchor their dentures or serve other dental needs, and we also have payment plans to help you to pay for the implants you need! To learn more about our mini dental implants and the procedures we use, contact us at Island Dental Associates today!

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