What are Mini Implant Dentures?

What are Mini Implant Dentures?If you find that you are missing some teeth, but you do not want to receive a more conventional restoration, then mini implant dentures may be the ideal solution.

What are They?

Mini implant dentures have the same structure as other implants, but they are smaller. They consist of a titanium post with a ball on the end and a socket that has a rubber O-ring; this is the part that allows the tooth to attach to the post.

These types of implants are often used to replace and restore teeth that are smaller, included in the front teeth, pre-molars, as well as any teeth that may be located in a narrow area in the mouth.

They are typically only half the size of conventional implants but also provide a more stable way to secure them so that they do not slip or move around. Having dentures that are secured with mini implants may actually make eating, speaking, and smiling easier.

Mini Versus Traditional

Mini dental implants are about half the diameter of traditional implants, and they also cost a lot less. They do not contain screws of any kind and should never require any kind of grafting. Mini implants are also a less invasive procedure with a faster healing time as well as procedure time, so they do not take as long to implant as traditional implants.

To successfully secure a denture, it will take approximately four mini implants for a lower denture and six mini implants to secure upper dentures. Including anymore will be up to the dentist and will usually depend on the bone that is left or if there is any evidence of bone loss.

Mini implants are a way to broaden the options available to you, and they pose a significant advantage over more traditional dental practices. Your dentures will feel secure, you will not experience a long healing process, and they are more affordable. Typically, the implants can be put in place in less than two hours so you can immediately begin eating your favorite foods, smiling, and laughing with confidence.

Care and Maintenance

It is important that you brush and clean the implants just like you would if they were still your natural teeth. Food and plaque can still get between the teeth and on the teeth and will need to be removed to avoid any inflammation or infection. The O-ring fixtures should also be cleaned out.

If the dentures are not staying securely in place or you experience any other problems, then contact your dentist immediately.

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