What Are the Steps to a Dental Implant Procedure?

Dentists are now offering their patients the option of a dental implant for any lost tooth or teeth. This helps avoid the severe consequences and problems involved in talking, eating and chewing with missing teeth. But exactly what is a dental implant, and how long does the procedure take?

The Multiple Stage Process

Typically, dental implant surgery involves multiple stages and procedures that usually happen in the dentist’s office. To receive the benefit of an implant that is used to support a new tooth, the patient will need to undergo the implant of a titanium rod. This new titanium rod replaces the old tooth root. It is installed at a depth where it will be flush with the bone, but remains underneath the gum. The gums are then provided enough time to heal before the second stage.

The second stage of the process involves the surgeon checking the implant to ensure the patient has successful integration between the rod and the jawbone. Next, a post is then connected to the rod to be used as an abutment to hold the tooth, or teeth, firmly in place. The final stage is the placing of the patient’s prosthetic tooth or teeth, completing the process of a dental implant.

One-stage Surgery Procedure

In addition, some dentists are offering a dental implant in a one-stage surgery procedure. This procedure provides immediate connection between the jaw, and the prosthetic tooth. Both a one stage and multiple stage implant procedures are proving to have similar success rates.

In some cases, the dentist must perform bone augmentation on the patient, or other adjunctive surgical procedure. This will provide adequate bone structure to accept the titanium rod. In many incidences, patient sedation might be necessary, including the use of intravenous or oral sedation, or possibly nitrous oxide.

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