What Factors Impact The Cost Of Mini Dental Implants

What Factors Impact The Cost Of Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants are one of the more recent innovations in cosmetic dentistry and the dental industry as well as being a more cost-effective alternative to standard dental implants. For individuals who have lost one or more teeth, mini dental implants are a unique approach to replacing them. Additionally, full and partial dentures can be stabilized by anchoring them with mini dental implants. Most importantly, the procedure can be performed in our office without the fear of any complications that could result from major oral surgery.

In many cases, patients at Island Dental Associates have chosen mini dental implants over the standard version because they are cheaper. The general rule of thumb is that they are about 50% cheaper. However, every patient is different and there are a number of factors that can influence their cost and the price is usually determined by the form of treatment involved. Basically, if you choose mini dental implants over standard dental implants, you’re going to walk away with excellent results without the higher expense factor.

Where the mini dental implant procedure is concerned, there are several factors that normally determine how much you will pay for them including the following:

• The amount of competition or the lack of it (if there is only one dentist to choose from in your locale, you’re going to pay more)
• The amount of recovery time that is required
• The complexity of each individual case
• The complications that may be associated with the implant procedure
• The dentist chosen to perform the procedure (some just charge less than others)
• The dentist’s level of experience and quality of work performed
• The number and type of teeth that are being replaced (upper jaw implants typically cost more than lower jaw implants)
• The treatment that is required and what is required prior to and after the procedure

The bottom line is that the cost of mini dental implants is normally lower than traditional implants. However, you want to consult with a dentist before finalizing your decision as they may decide that this is not the best course of action based on your circumstances.

Our goal is to restore your smile as cost-effectively as possible. So if you have been considering mini dental implants, we encourage you to contact Island Dental Associates of Long Island and schedule an appointment for evaluation and examination. Let us start helping you to restore the smile you have always wanted.

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