What You Should Know About Replacement of Multiple Teeth With Dental Implants

A dental implant is a perfect solution for missing teeth as it is extremely strong and long lasting. A dental implant usually works like your natural teeth and there is no need for you to hide your smile just because you have a missing tooth.

Why hide your smile when you can replace the missing or chipped tooth? If the chip is very big and cannot be repaired, just have the tooth replaced with an implant. Even though the process is quite simple, it should be undertaken by a medical professional experienced in dentistry.

A dental implant has a screw-like root which is fastened onto the jaw bone and a crown which is usually seen at the top. The implant looks like a natural tooth and the only difference is that it may be a shade lighter than the surrounding teeth.

However, you can ask your dentist to whiten your teeth or get you an implant with a crown whose color is almost similar to the surrounding teeth. Replacing a tooth with a dental implant involves the installation of the implant and the crown.

I know that most people out there think that replacing multiple teeth with implants follows a similar procedure. However, this is not the case.

What is different with multiple teeth?

Installing implants for a number of teeth in a row is usually very expensive. Just try to imagine having three missing teeth in a row. Installing the three teeth will be a costly procedure and even though it is an option, it is going to cost more.

This would be the only option for those whose teeth are not missing in the same place. However, for a row of missing teeth, it can be a good idea to consider bridges supported by the implant.

Replacement of several teeth using dental implants that come with individual crowns or a fixed bridge supported by an implant gives the teeth a certain level of functionality and fit that cannot be experienced with other treatment options.

The dental implant which will be used to support the replacement teeth will be placed. As the dental implants integrate with your natural bone to create a strong foundation for the replacement teeth, temporary teeth can be placed. It is possible to go back to work the next day after the implant is installed.

If there will be any pain or discomfort, it will be very minimal and treatable using common pain medication. After the implant sets in, then the crown will be placed. They could be in form of custom made replacement teeth (crowns) or the fixed, implant-supported bridge.

Even though non-implant options are available, this is the best option for replacing multiple teeth. I hope this article will help you make an informed decision when you want to replace several missing teeth.

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