What’s A Missing Tooth?

The Stability What's A Missing Tooth?Of ConfidenceAt Island Dental Associates, we have encountered many clients who have put off having tooth repair or tooth replacement addressed for a period of time. There are a number of factors that can play into this avoidance, although considering the impacts of wising teeth can often lead to the decision to finally have the repair completed.

  • Missing teeth can impact speech
  • A broken tooth can lead to further injuries through lacerations to the mouth that may lead to infection
  • An open socket is a repository for bacteria
  • Gaps in the jaw line may cause the existing teeth to shift
  • Missing dentition can lead to mandibular strain and conditions such as TMJ
  • The loss of one tooth may lead to further tooth loss
  • Open sockets can promote gum disease
  • Lifestyle changes may be necessary if the lost tooth is left unattended

When these factors are considered, the benefits of repair can far outweigh the fears or constraints.

A Simple Process

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth has become a fairly routine procedure in dentistry. This is because the use of dental implants has led to a greater ability to stabilize replacement teeth, and to generate a very natural appearance and function. Depending upon whether it is one tooth or several that need to be addressed, most replacements can take place in a single visit. This minimizes follow-ups and also reduces return visits that may be initiated by the health concerns of not having the tooth replaced.

For patients who have been putting this off, we urge you to call us for an appointment. This will allow us to X-ray your teeth and determine the best course of action. You could be back to your own glowing smile in the matter of days, and not have to worry about further problems that may impact your oral health.

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