Why Dental Implants Are Actually The More Affordable Alternative

Why Dental Implants Are Actually The More Affordable AlternativeOne of the major deciding factors for those needing dental implant surgeries is the cost, as dental implants can seem expensive initially when other factors are not considered. However, at Island Dental Associates we offer 0% financing as well as payment plans to allow you to pay for your implant over time, and you may be surprised at how the decision to have an implant placed can actually save you a great deal in additional dental procedures.

A dental implant is placed when a person loses their natural tooth or teeth due to injury, decay, or disease, and lost teeth put all other teeth at risk. When a tooth is lost, a gap or space is created, and this is a space that other teeth within the mouth will want to fill. The longer the gap goes unfilled, the more adjacent teeth will begin to shift, and this can cause a whole host of other dental problems.

The first problem associated with shifting teeth is additional tooth loss. As the teeth begin to move, they can become loose as well, and this will often lead to them going missing from the mouth as they attempt to fill the gap created by the original missing tooth. A dental implant can help to fill this space and tell other teeth that there is no room for them to move, saving you from the problem of subsequent tooth loss.

Another issue often found with teeth left missing is an uneven or changed bite. While eating, chewing, or speaking, a missing tooth can cause unnecessary stress on other teeth as the mouth compensates for the gapped area by changing its natural bite, and this can lead to damage to other teeth. When the bite changes, excess stress will be placed on other teeth which can make them susceptible to breakage or decay, leading to further dental treatments being needed, but this can be avoided with a dental implant procedure.

Not only does a dental implant save other teeth from becoming loose and going missing, but it can save them from sustaining damage as well, thereby saving you a significant amount in further dental bills. While the initial cost of a dental implant may seem intimidating, it is important to remember that it is highly affordable when compared to the costs of saving yourself from further damage later on!

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