Why Mini Dental Implants Are Best For Your Dental Health

Why Mini Dental Implants Are Best For Your Dental HealthIf you have gone for months or years with a missing tooth, you know it can have very worrisome complications. People generally seek out a way to restore lost teeth after a short time, thanks to these symptoms:

— Changes in voice and speaking ability due to absence of some of the teeth.
— Difficulty chewing and pain in remaining teeth or the jaw due to less support.
— Cosmetic concerns and problems with self-confidence caused by missing teeth.
— Worries about the health of other, adjacent teeth and the exposed tooth root.

In the past, many people have favored dentures as a replacement measure for lost teeth. However, dentures are not appropriate for everyone. If you have only lost one or two teeth, for example, then you might have to have perfectly healthy teeth extracted in order to use dentures!

With the development of exciting new mini dental implant technology, there is now a healthier and more convenient way to permanently replace lost teeth, regardless of how many are lost or their arrangement within the mouth.

Although mini dental implants have many great advantages, most people don’t realize that they also support your long-term oral health. There are several reasons for this, so let’s explore the advantages of mini dental implants.

Three Ways Mini Dental Implants Help You Sustain Oral Health

Better Support For Biting And Chewing

Dental implants allow you to restore the function of your mouth virtually to the same level as before you lost your teeth. Implants will help distribute force more effectively throughout the mouth, so that other teeth won’t suffer from excessive impacts and become loose.

Better Prospects For Adjacent, Healthy Teeth

Bacteria can more easily colonize teeth that are adjacent to missing teeth. Likewise, bacteria can get into the former location of the missing tooth and provoke a painful infection. With a dental implant, you strengthen and protect the teeth on either side.

Greater Confidence And Feeling Of Well-Being

Your teeth are very important in providing you with a healthy smile. People who have missing teeth might stop themselves from smiling and making a valuable emotional connection with others. Dental implants provide a long-term solution to this problem.

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