Why Teeth May Be Lost And How You Can Fix Them

Why Teeth May Be Lost And How You Can Fix ThemFor many, missing teeth may seem like something that ceases to happen once adolescence is reached. The truth of the matter, however, is many different factors can cause you to lose your adult teeth, and when this happens, both your self-confidence and the health of your mouth are put at risk. A person derives so much of their confidence to face the world from their smile, but when a tooth is missing, this smile is greatly hindered, but there is a solution that can both fix your confidence and save your other teeth in the dental implant.

The two main reasons for missing teeth in adults is disease and injury, and you never know when a situation may come up that puts your teeth at risk. Gum disease and periodontitis can cause teeth to loosen in the mouth and fall out, decay can cause teeth to become too diseased to save, and injury can knock a tooth out while injuring others, and going about your life with a less-than perfect smile is something that you never have to carry out from that point forward. Dental implants can give you a perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing new tooth surface, and you may not even be able to tell your new implant from your other natural teeth!

A dental implant saves your other teeth by occupying vacant root space and providing a chewing surface. When a tooth root is lost, as is the case with extractions and missing teeth, other teeth will begin to shift to take over the now vacant space, and these teeth will grow loose as they move about in the mouth. Letting the gap continue can cause other teeth to become lost, thereby starting something of an “avalanche effect”.

The implant can serve another purpose for the teeth as well by providing a new chewing surface. Teeth are meant to be chewed on evenly, and when one goes missing the other teeth will then need to pick up the slack and experience excess stress as food is eaten. With a dental implant, the crown attached to the implant provides a completely functional chewing surface, so you can give your other teeth the good kind of a break!

At Island Dental Associates, we find that dental implants are excellent solutions for missing teeth in many of our patients. To see if this may be the right choice for you, simply call us today to set up a consultation!

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