Why We Recommend Dental Implants

Why We Recommend Dental ImplantsAs a premium dental implant company and as human beings we know that nobody likes missing teeth. Throughout history, people have tried various ways to resolve their missing teeth issues – ancient folks tried seashells while our parents tried three unit fixed bridges.

Today, we have a single best solution for missing teeth: dental implants. Before we tell you why dental implants are the best possible solution to your problem, here are a few points to note about what happens when your teeth go missing:

  • When your tooth is missing, you might not notice – but, your jaw bone knows it is gone. That is when the trouble starts.
  • Once the tooth is gone, your alveolar bone begins to melt away.
  • Melting away of alveolar might result in your cheeks sinking and your lips losing their support.
  • You can also face gum and facial issues.
  • You can look older than you really are.
  • There are also psychological issues associated with missing teeth. You may experience self confidence and self esteem problems.

So, cutting to the chase, why do we feel dental implants are the best possible solution for your missing teeth problem? Here are a few points:

  • Dental implants look just like your natural teeth – so, nobody will know!
  • Dental implants may prevent bone loss.
  • They don’t get old and they don’t decay.
  • They lower your chances of getting a gum disease.

So, how do dental implants work? Titanium posts are placed into the patient’s jawbone through surgery. Titanium posts act as tooth root substitutes.

Being a premium dental implant service, we use advanced dental technology through which we are able to place single stage implants. Implants require no second procedure, however, six weeks of healing time is mandatory before an artificial tooth is placed.

Most people believe that missing teeth are just another sign of adolescence. However, you can lose your teeth due to some other reasons as well (injury and decau). Losing teeth not only affects your health but is also detrimental to your self esteem.

It is time that you get yourself a tooth implant – your implant will feel, look and function just like your normal tooth. Your life will get back to normal – you will be able to eat and smile the way you used to. So, call us now to get your implant from a thorough professional!

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