You Don’t Always Have To Pay For Dental Implants

You Don’t Always Have To Pay For Dental ImplantsDental implants are a more expensive alternative to dentures, and that’s true no matter how much the cost has gone down since the procedure first became an option.  By using titanium screws and porcelain crowns, an implant can replace the function of your tooth so completely that it will prevent the arch of your jaw from dissolving away the way it does when you normally remove a tooth.  Implants are permanent additions to your mouth, and they’re easy to clean since you only need to use standard methods like brushing and flossing.

However, because dentures are much cheaper and work well enough to let people chew their food, most insurance plans consider dental implants to be a cosmetic procedure.  This means they don’t have to cover it the way they have to cover absolutely necessary treatments like antibiotics for an infection or chemotherapy for cancer.  So what insurance covers dental implants?

The short answer is “expensive dental plans,” or at least dental plans that are more expensive than what you get from a basic health insurance package.  The premiums don’t have to be that high, but they will be higher than a plan that doesn’t cover as many procedures or pays out as much.

As a cosmetic procedure, dental implants don’t have to be covered by any insurance plan, but many plans offer coverage for this and other cosmetic surgeries as a way to encourage people to buy their more expensive plans.  It’s also a way for a company to offer high-level employees extra perks along with things like higher salaries and stock options.

If you want to know what insurance covers dental implants when it comes to the plans available to you, the easiest way is to contact a representative of the company offering the plan and ask them directly whether a specific plan includes dental implants or which of the available plans you’ll need to get to qualify for implant coverage.  You can also ask your periodontist for an estimate before you do anything permanent and see from that whether your current plan will cover the procedure.

What insurance covers dental implants?  Some of them, but probably not the ones with the lowest premiums available.  You may also have to worry about a high deductible depending on your plan type.  Still, there are plenty of dental patients out there who consider the extra cost worth the benefits and most periodontists offer payment plans for patients who need them.

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