You May Be A Candidate For Mini Dental Implants, Even If You Have Minor Or Moderate Bone Loss

You May Be A Candidate For Mini Dental Implants, Even If You Have Minor Or Moderate Bone LossWhile not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental implants, new innovative techniques, have made it possible for more patients to become qualified. Denture wearers, especially those that have been wearing them for a long time, experience bone loss, or deterioration. Once snug fitting dentures, become loose and make tasks such as smiling, eating, and even talking difficult. Dental implants are the only proven method to replace missing teeth that stimulates bone growth. The main problem is that if the bone has receded too much, it will not fuse properly with the implant. However, this is the time when mini dental implants often come to the rescue.

The minis do not have to be inserted as deeply into the bone as other options, so a certain amount of bone loss is acceptable. They are also not as long, nor as thick, making the procedure minimally invasive. Posts are arranged in the upper jaw, as well as in the lower, and the dentures snap in securely in place to make them ready to use immediately. You will want to show off your new smile, and you won’t have to worry about your dentures falling out.

Mini Dental Implants Are A Budget-Friendly Option

Spending huge chunks of money is not necessarily a favorite pastime for people, even when it comes to their overall health. The average cost of mini dental implants is much cheaper than conventional implants, but they offer the same great comfort and reliability. However, the mini implants are typically only used to hold dentures, and not necessarily to replace teeth.

If cost is a concern, talk to your dentist about a payment plan, which usually has a low down and monthly payment. You can still receive the smile of your dreams, but without having to shell out a massive upfront amount. Not everyone has a thousand dollars or so lying around, but smaller payments are usually manageable. If you wear dentures or are thinking about getting them, consider implants for a long-lasting and aligned bite, which will make daily tasks like eating and drinking, easier to accomplish.

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